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Aspire to Inspire Crafts

Simple Crafting

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Our Mission

Our shop promotes keeping the environment clean through our environmentally friendly packaging.

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Boho Feathers Can Glass Cup

Our Boho Feathers Can Glass Cups come with a silicone lid, angled glass straw, and care instructions for long-lasting results. Our can glass cups are 16 oz.

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Sunflower Lightweight Door Sign

Sunflower themed lightweight welcome door sign. Sign is 12in x 12in and weighs about 2.4oz

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Small Llama Resin Keychain

Small llama resin keychains are designed with a clear glitter and white flakes. The other is designed with a green glitter.

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Kisses Starbucks Tumbler

Our 24 oz reusable 'Kisses Starbucks Tumbler' is featured with light pink hearts and shiny dark red 'kisses' around the tumbler. Our tumbler comes with a sealed straw and care instructions to ensure your cup keeps looking stunning!

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Self Love Wine Glass

Our wine glasses are personalized with a cream and deep red sparkling font. The large letter behind the personalized word or name would be the beginning letter of the chosen word or name. Our wine glasses come in festive packaging in which you can also reuse! Our care instructions to preserve your wine glass are also included with your purchase! Please let us know the personalization you desire on your wine glass in the customization box at checkout.

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Teacher Can Glass Cup

Our 16 oz Can Glass Cup comes with a bamboo suction lid, glass straw and straw cleaner. There are two glass straw styles to choose from. Please select your option.

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"T" Resin Keychain

"T" shaped resin keychain with blue flake fill.

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Bear Keychain

Our Light Blue Bear Keychain is designed with light blue glitter and miscellaneous elements. The llama comes with a silver keychain. Our Green with Gold Flakes Bear Keychain is designed with green glitter and gold flake elements. The bear comes with a bronze keychain.

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Love Can Glass Cup

Our 16 oz Love Can Glass Cup comes with a bamboo lid, glass straw and straw cleaner. There are two straw selections to choose from. Our selections are slightly angled and straight. Our can glass cup is designed with the words "Coffee is my Love Language" in the colors pink, red and lavender. Our cups come with care instructions to ensure long lasting results.

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"K" Resin Keychain

Our "K" Resin Keychain is crafted with green glitter and gold flakes.

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Crafted With Care

Check out our TikTok page to see some behind the scenes action on some of our crafts!

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Check out my children's book!

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